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  • Marginal gains

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    @mooshld Good luck mate

  • My Turn ... Running Down A Dream

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    6 weeks to go. It's time to enter the worried about injury phase. And by fuck am I doing that!

    I think I'm now at the fittest I've ever been. Just smashed my half marathon best time to pieces by posting a 1:44:30, beating previous best by 3 minutes. It was tough, and I was toast at the end, but I think in a race situation I probably had 1-2 minutes more in me as well. Did it with no water too, although this mornings weigh in was around 1kg up higher than expected, so I guess I was holding a lot of water already.The most pleasing part is that apart from 2 separate km's (one at 5:24 : dropped something twice - idiot & the last one at 4:47), my kms were all between 4:54 & 5:01. Ridiculous consistency.

    Thats the last of the fast runs on my program. A few training ones have some intervals, but only for 1-2k at at time. I'm currently running the fast parts at around 4:25-4:35 pace which is a solid 30 seconds per km above where I previous used to do this.

    All going worryingly too well ...

  • JK vs BigRed

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    Mon (pm) Gym - upper
    Tues (am) gym - lower
    Weds (am) - easy 8km run
    Friday - gym full body
    Sat - easy ride 15km

  • Bodybuilding.....

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    Registered for Windsor rowing nationals end of oct. Been training semi regularly following an online training program which seems ok. Some of the sessions are just annoying so making them a bit shorter and higher intensity. Not flat out so I can't effectively train but some are slow strokes per minute and slightly less slow 1k at each pace. Prefer doing 5-6k faster then 8k slower.

    Aim to try get all sessions done a week out from the event and give the 2k a flat out go. Previous race (only) did 6.37 would love to be at 6.20 and at least sub 6.30.

    6.20 is a stretch but would put me top three in my age (30-39) on the concept 2 site in Aussie submitted times and top 20 worldwide.

    Probably stopping after this comp although might try row a half marathon in the days after the race to tick it off while fit.

  • Building myself back up

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    Damn. Months have past.

    Still doing my thing, still struggling sometimes with stuffing my face too much on cheat days. PT studies coming along ridiculously slowly. Definitely did not have the time but I'll get there. Have had some really nice positive feedback from professionals in the industry and that's good. I feel I have something to offer and can hopefully make a difference.

    My youngest is getting into lifting in a big way and it's awesome to watch. Thankfully he's a smart kid (much smarter than his old man) and is good at sniffing the astonishing amount of BS to be found online. It really is crazy how much crĂĄp there is out there. Politicians keep fapping on about fake news and misinformation, but seem to completely ignore those issues when concerning the "fitness" industry. Anyway, at least he's listening to me and being sensible and that's great. Sometimes being a good role model does pay off in the end!

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    Just a quick update (after the last one I spent about 6 months off with calf strain, then cuts on my foot that needed to heal)-have done regular zone 2 most of this year, about 2-3 hours a week, although lately at 5-8 hours. Doing hill sprints 1-2 times a week now.
    I just did a speed test yesterday of my old 150 steps circuit, 12 repeats in 21:26 which is faster than ever (used to be around 24 minutes)....I can really see the benefis of the slow zone 2 (try to be 105-115HB) combined with zone 4-5 (try to be above 155 to 173 near max). Sometimes I add in recovery to last week I did the 150 step place, max speed for 3 (about 5 minutes) with ~2 minutes rest to get HB to 120, 4-5 sets. Other times I do 1 max speed sprint, then rest, or just go all out for 20-25 minutes, and week by week trying to increase that up to 30 minutes. I also do some sprints at gym.

    unfortunately I have had to stop upper body stuff for almost 2 years due to 5-10% tear in shoulder tendon from painting or swimming. I had hoped it would be better. I will need to find time to get an op on it I think, currently trying various online exercises, sporadically.

    would love any ideas on healing a tendon by any means except op....!

    this workout shows my 5 minutes full speed, 2 minutes rest
    60792 - Copy.jpg

  • Hindu Press Ups and Hindu Squats

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    Seems like everyone refers to these exercises in different ways. First time I hear the name Hindu pushups and Hindu squats and I've been doing these for years.

  • AWL's octagon-shaped midlife crisis

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    @aucklandwarlord awesome mate

  • Pushing Tin - Paekakboyz Training Log

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    @Paekakboyz if you are looking for a big change, my company has some vacancies in Wellington 🙂

  • Iron-Voodoo

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    Well done. Wouldn’t do one of these in a million years but good on ya nonetheless.

  • TR vs the future

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    looks like time for an update of my own too.

    Kept my weight c 91kg for a long time now, which is pretty much where I wanna be, still like to lose a few more % of body fat, but I have lost over 8kg (of 11kg lost) in fat alone in the past 18 months, so thats gots to be good! My Visceral fats are low now too.

    Still jamming at the gym, do a heavy week maybe once a month, but certainly not pushing for PBs or anything any more, just lifting good weights and doing alot more mobility stuff, dont do much cardio, but seem to be gettign my HR up more than enough and dont feel fatigued when I do get out for cardio activity (but I aint doing no Iron Man stuff haha)

    Incorporated some golf related mobility too, although most of thoracic rotation and mobility stuff anyway, its just golf guys doing it as I try to recapture my days as a good golfer, but gee, most holes I wonder why I bother playing haha

  • Fatbusting: Kirwan's log

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    @JK said in Fatbusting: Kirwan's log:

    Sorry to hear re the ongoing issues but great to hear you are back at it mate!

    It does indeed suck to get old! Injuries and issues flare up so easily! And recovery takes ages!

    Well some of it was self inflicted. Me and my other brother re-created an old photo we had with our sons on our shoulders. My son is now at least six foot and pretty solid build. I pretended to smile in the photo, got him off and had pins and needles down my arms, so did something to my neck. Sigh.

    Our wives were super impressed. Good photo though.

  • "Iron Wolf"

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  • Online Fitness Tips

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    @Crucial said in Online Fitness Tips:

    Seems to be a few posts popping up (maybe a mod would combine) but here is a shameless plug for one that dishes out a lot of practical training advice in very short snippets and happens to be my offspring.

    Obviously these are done as promos for his programme work but give an idea on his overall approach.

    Nice deadlift form there !

  • "Wild Moose"

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    @SBW1 This guy is one of my favourites, I like the way there are a variety of movement patterns. It makes training interesting and you are improving your skill level, this really appeals to me, plus it is fun.

  • MN5s muscle maintaining musings....

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    @Rancid-Schnitzel said in MN5s muscle maintaining musings....:

    @MN5 said in My Turn ... Running Down A Dream:

    @voodoo said in My Turn ... Running Down A Dream:

    @MajorRage said in My Turn ... Running Down A Dream:

    New York marathon confirmed.

    93.4 kg currently. 4 months out need to be 85. So that gives me 5 months to lose 8.5 kg.

    Time for some serious graft. Will be 46 by then, so will be tough to improve times.

    Damn I wish I was 93.4kg…

    I might start one of these threads of my own - I have entered the Port Mac Ironman this May - just over 3 months to get into some sort of shape to get through it

    I look a bit emaciated at 93kg, 100kg suits me ok these days.

    I'm 69. But 5'8. This would be you at that weight


    That guy has a better tan

  • Hubris

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    Between the flu and the festive season, I haven't been training much this month and I feel it is starting to show.


  • HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training

  • You know you're getting old when...

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    @Crucial ...there may be some truth in that

  • Calisthenics

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    @antipodean said in Calisthenics:

    @MN5 said in Calisthenics:

    @antipodean said in Calisthenics:

    @MN5 impressive at only 22.

    I don’t know anyone of any age who can do that.

    True that - an outlier's outlier.

    It’s definitely making sure I don’t miss a garage workout that’s for sure !

    Inspirational stuff.