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  • JK vs BigRed

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    Been a less active week as had some medicals to do on Thursday (gastroscopy and colonoscopy due to unexplained anemia, ie lack of red blood cells despite good iron levels). Nothing untoward noted so still an unsolved mystery at this stage.

    Monday - easy 30mins run (6.3KM)
    Tuesday - gym session (AM) - bench and squats 5x5 + accessory work
    Weds / Thurs - nothing
    Friday - gym session (PM) - deadlifts and OHP 5x5 (struggled with the weight - need to repeat) + accessory work.
    Saturday - mountain bike ride 20km / 630m elevation
    Sunday - nothings

  • Iron-Voodoo

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    @scribe said in Iron-Voodoo:

    @voodoo after about 5 years, I’m back in the pool. What a shock to the system! It’s a 50m outdoor pool; swimming on the weekend it was a balmy 3 degrees outside here in London. Luckily the water temp is 21 degrees. Finding it all v therapeutic and can see why I used to enjoy it so much. Got talking to a guy in my lane who had swum Lake Taupo (40 odd km) and Lake Geneva (70km). Insane but quite inspiring!

    Swimming in 3 degrees sounds horrific! Good work though!

  • TR vs the future

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    so just had the scan, confirmed that it is an 'indirect' or inguinal hernia, at moment is just fatty tissue coming through, so I think that is wait for the Dr to send surgery recommendation through

  • Building myself back up

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    Have had a couple of silly eating days around Christmas but not fallen off the wagon just yet. Hadn't had a donut for well over 6 months until I devoured like 8 of them at work Xmas party. Christmas Day was also absolutely ridiculous. Last week was the toughest for a while. Stupid busy between Xmas and NY and the heat and humidity were unbearable. Add not enough sleep and that wasn't smart but had a decent active recovery last weekend.
    Bring on 2024 👊

  • MN5s muscle maintaining musings....

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    Getting back into it after a few days drinking 6-8 beers a day in the muggy Shield Snorters. Hazy IPAs are lovely but by crikey they bloat you like no ones business.

    I’ve incorporated lunges into my routine.

    Definitely a big step forward.

  • My Turn ... Running Down A Dream

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    @MajorRage said in My Turn ... Running Down A Dream:

    In hindsight, I only really have myself to blame. The Garmin wasn't giving me accurate miles / km and I hadn't figured it out.

    I did the first 10k at 55 mins as planned, and then upped to consistently run between 5:15-5:23 p/km for the next 10. Problem was though, that I wasn't. I looked at my official split and I did that 10k in 54:50, I should have figured this when I went through the half at just under 1:55 as if I had been running at that pace, it would have been 1:52:30 ish. The next 10k was fine at around 55 mins as well, but that seemed right to me as the Queenboro bridge is just a mile long hill, which was a killer. I started to struggle here, but I knew I had time in the bank to play with so wasn't overly concerned. Just slowed my pace a bit and then the calf started to twinge around the 35k mark. So I backed right off.

    I got to 24 mile mark with about 23 mins left to beat 4 hours so 11 min miles, which I knew was tough but do able. But then central park was just not quick. The trail was thinner and the crowds were pushing the barriers back so we had to walk some of it due to room. And then about 5 times young people ran in front of me to take photos of their friends. Selfish selfish selfish New York fluffybunnies No other word for it. At 40k, running is borderline impossible, so having to make sudden lefts/rights just kills you. I estimate I lost 90 seconds to 2 minutes because of this bullshit. Anyway, it got to 1 mile to go and I had 9 minutes to do it. Everything was done but I just fucking went for it. Ran through the twinges / cramps and just hit people who got in my way. Got to 1k to go, had to do it in 5 .... then 800m to go in 4 minutes. I was completely gone, no idea where the energy came from, memory is a little hazy but I know I was thinking of Kieran Read talking about championship minutes. About 400m to go I just couldn't keep the pace, just couldn't do it and really started to wobble, things started to go darker and I was probably at risk of blacking out.

    Then 50m short of the line, the calf properly cramped and I was done.

    I gave it everything, but I shouldn't have been in that position if I'd just got my maths right earlier.

    Took me about 30 mins to find my wife after which I think was fortunate, as if I'd seen her straight after the finish I think I genuinely would have completely broken down and fallen part. I literally pushed myself through my breaking point and broke & had a little cry to myself just after the finish.

    It really was absolutely fucking unbelievable and 3 days later back at home, I have nothing but incredible memories. Outside family related things, it's the best thing I've ever done, no question.

    I lost 12kg this year training for this and pushed myself harder than I ever have before at one of the greatest events on the planet.

    About an hour later, one of my best buds sent me this quote from Rudy. And I bawled again. 3 days later, I think it's appropriate.

    In this life, you don't have to prove nothin' to nobody but yourself. And after what you've gone through, if you haven't done that by now, it ain't gonna never happen

    Outstanding effort. My memory is a little hazy but iirrc your first marathon was a remote one during Covid and involved you pit stopping at home to take off your jumper? Anyway, you have a decent record of your journey right here!

  • Bodybuilding.....

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    Hah I had a heavy deadlift day earlier this week, can hardly get up to walk! So bad but so good! Want to trail run later too. Could be a challenge!

  • Marginal gains

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    Monday Weigh in.
    Weight 88.4kg (400 gram gain)
    Bodyfat 27%

    Got 4 runs in this week including one on the local hill. Weather was shit so happy that I still got out as its a total pain having to constantly dry the wet weather gear. Even managed another 25 minute 5k right on the nose. So that's progress

    Picked up my missed session and did my normal 4 Current Lifts are Squat 90kg but this is right on my limit now so sets of 2, BP 60kg surprised I got through this, OHP 37.5kg dropped down to single lifts and 10 sets. Deadlift 100Kg the only one I am still going strong on. May add one more exercise to my routine. Want to get good at pull ups so will target that area.

    Eating wasn't actually bad this week didn't get my 80% target but managed 4 out of 7 days. A lot of nervous snacking during the rugby and had one dinner out where I was probably not as strict as I could be. Some bad choices though around options too much bread which is a bit of a gateway drug for me. The truth is in the results though and to put on 400 grams needs to be a kick up the arse.

    Been up and down this week, surprisingly not as gutted about the rugby result as I thought I would be. Over the years have come to expect that the game is taken out of the players hands with TMO and you can't blame them they are not in control of that. Its not like someone has lost their shit and punched someone. They just get it wrong sometimes.

    A familiar pattern is starting to form though and I need to get on top of things again this week. May add a mid week update to try and keep me honest.

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    Just a quick update (after the last one I spent about 6 months off with calf strain, then cuts on my foot that needed to heal)-have done regular zone 2 most of this year, about 2-3 hours a week, although lately at 5-8 hours. Doing hill sprints 1-2 times a week now.
    I just did a speed test yesterday of my old 150 steps circuit, 12 repeats in 21:26 which is faster than ever (used to be around 24 minutes)....I can really see the benefis of the slow zone 2 (try to be 105-115HB) combined with zone 4-5 (try to be above 155 to 173 near max). Sometimes I add in recovery to last week I did the 150 step place, max speed for 3 (about 5 minutes) with ~2 minutes rest to get HB to 120, 4-5 sets. Other times I do 1 max speed sprint, then rest, or just go all out for 20-25 minutes, and week by week trying to increase that up to 30 minutes. I also do some sprints at gym.

    unfortunately I have had to stop upper body stuff for almost 2 years due to 5-10% tear in shoulder tendon from painting or swimming. I had hoped it would be better. I will need to find time to get an op on it I think, currently trying various online exercises, sporadically.

    would love any ideas on healing a tendon by any means except op....!

    this workout shows my 5 minutes full speed, 2 minutes rest
    60792 - Copy.jpg

  • Hindu Press Ups and Hindu Squats

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    Seems like everyone refers to these exercises in different ways. First time I hear the name Hindu pushups and Hindu squats and I've been doing these for years.

  • AWL's octagon-shaped midlife crisis

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    @aucklandwarlord awesome mate

  • Pushing Tin - Paekakboyz Training Log

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    @Paekakboyz if you are looking for a big change, my company has some vacancies in Wellington 🙂

  • Fatbusting: Kirwan's log

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    @JK said in Fatbusting: Kirwan's log:

    Sorry to hear re the ongoing issues but great to hear you are back at it mate!

    It does indeed suck to get old! Injuries and issues flare up so easily! And recovery takes ages!

    Well some of it was self inflicted. Me and my other brother re-created an old photo we had with our sons on our shoulders. My son is now at least six foot and pretty solid build. I pretended to smile in the photo, got him off and had pins and needles down my arms, so did something to my neck. Sigh.

    Our wives were super impressed. Good photo though.

  • "Iron Wolf"

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  • Online Fitness Tips

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    @Crucial said in Online Fitness Tips:

    Seems to be a few posts popping up (maybe a mod would combine) but here is a shameless plug for one that dishes out a lot of practical training advice in very short snippets and happens to be my offspring.

    Obviously these are done as promos for his programme work but give an idea on his overall approach.

    Nice deadlift form there !

  • "Wild Moose"

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    @SBW1 This guy is one of my favourites, I like the way there are a variety of movement patterns. It makes training interesting and you are improving your skill level, this really appeals to me, plus it is fun.

  • Hubris

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    Between the flu and the festive season, I haven't been training much this month and I feel it is starting to show.


  • HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training

  • You know you're getting old when...

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    @Crucial ...there may be some truth in that

  • Calisthenics

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    @antipodean said in Calisthenics:

    @MN5 said in Calisthenics:

    @antipodean said in Calisthenics:

    @MN5 impressive at only 22.

    I don’t know anyone of any age who can do that.

    True that - an outlier's outlier.

    It’s definitely making sure I don’t miss a garage workout that’s for sure !

    Inspirational stuff.