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    @Catogrande said in RWC Final: All Blacks v Springboks:

    @KiwiMurph said in RWC Final: All Blacks v Springboks:

    @Snowy said in RWC Final: All Blacks v Springboks:

    @Catogrande said in RWC Final: All Blacks v Springboks:

    He also had an interesting insight into referee selection at the top level. Amazingly it seems that if Wayne Barnes had have pulled a hamstring the night before the final, we’d have had Dickson reffing the game 😳

    Unfortunately, the upshot of having a bunch of shit pedants as English refs, is that the only way to guarantee that there won't be one appointed to any particular match, is to watch England play. Which is as sure a way to guarantee watching a shit match, as watching an English ref ruin one.

    The irony is Luke Pierce is an excellent English ref who seems out of favour.

    This also came up in the discussion at the club lunch. Most officials were gobsmacked at how underused Pierce was.

    Georgian too

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    @antipodean said in Barbarians v Wales:

    @sparky said in Barbarians v Wales:

    Aumua back on after doing this.

    Pfft. Only person who should be penalised is the bloke running at the defensive line without the ball.

    I saw that and was confused as to why Ireland were wearing Red jerseys.

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    @nostrildamus I'm hopeful JB can given how physically gifted he is. It just feels like a curse they carry around due to being so damn competitive 😁

    To me, it's like they feel they HAVE to be the one to make the big play out of nothing (hence BB's "golden balls" moniker courtesy of Shag) but the team would be better served if they let the ball go earlier or played in the moment vs trying to get too many steps ahead.

    The movements at 00:55s (JB hesitation) and 01.59s (BB hesitation) of this clip are perfect examples...

    Sardieq on Twitter
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    @mariner4life said in RWC Bracket Prediction:

    @Machpants said in RWC Bracket Prediction:

    @Duluth said in RWC Bracket Prediction:

    Everyone had Aus getting out of the pool

    Yup, tho I'm smug that I am the only one that got all the other 3 right 😉

    with all due respect, this post is exactly like celebrating getting 3 legs of a quaddie, when those 3 legs were all won by $1.85 favourites.

    True. But no one else did, I shall carry on with my smugness

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    @Kruse said in Electric Vehicles:

    @NTA said in Electric Vehicles:

    @MajorRage we're going up to Cairns in January and I warned to hire a Polestar 2 for the minimal driving we need to do, just for jollies.

    Mrs TA got nervous because she's years bad things about an EV somewhere 🙄

    Fuck - if I hear a member of my family pontificate one more time "Oh... there's no way I'd buy a purely electric vehicle, because... " - the chance of me doing murder will rise several percentage points.
    And it's already fucking high for most, but especially the ones that tend to do that... so be warned, fluffybunnies - go back to talking meaningless shit about the weather or what ships you saw on the horizon today.

    Her experience to date: sitting in the back of a Tesla Model S 85 that I launched into stupid mode - good fun.

    And her work buying a couple of EVs and having them break down.

    The number of fluffybunnies who say "EVs CATCH FIRE" without looking at the number of petrol cars that catch fire.... my days....

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    Nominations closed. Read opening post (and the rest of the thread if you like) and vote.

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    Not the best training week as had a work conference early in the week and was drinking way too much

    Mon (am) - run around the local trail 5k at 4.41km/hr
    Tues (am) - gym (upper)
    Weds (pm) - no nothing (hungover)
    Thurs (pm) - gym (full body)
    Fri (am) - easy mixed trail/road run 9.5km @ 5.01km/hr
    Sat (am) - 7km walk with the wife
    Sun (pm) - golf tournament so basically a slow 10km walk

    Need to get a decent bit of exercise in early this week as will have a few days off later in week for medical

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    Look at this bunch of absolute c*nts

    What an absolute fucking farce this 'enquiry' has been

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    @Winger said in Israel, Iran, Syria, and the rest of the ... Middle East:

    What do you suggest? All of the West should turn the other way and let Netanyahu finish it off

    And just focus on more important things

    Edit. And just for the few on here. I in no way blame Jewish students, or endorse any violence against them or others full stop. This is a battle between good and evil. Evil has become far too powerful on all sides.

    Coming in from the side here, but what point are you trying to make posting the above video? Here is the way I see it:

    Innocent civilians, be it kids or not, are always victims in war. Always, it's shit, and it's why I am aggressively anti-war in any way shape or form. There are no winners. Genocide is one of the ugliest traits of humans and the cause of all the great atrocities of humankind. No question.

    This is why these things are are, sadly, linked. It's direct.

    The video suggests that people who didn't commit these atrocities shouldn't be given a free pass from feeling safe because of a hard left agenda that the country of their religion is killing children on purpose as part of a genocidal agenda.

    By posting it, suggest you agree.

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    Works fine on v13