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    The most frustrating thing about this team, and Otago on an NPC level as well, is that they just always seem to make the wrong decision with ball in hand. Go the wrong side of the ruck, away from the space. Hit up off the forwards when the space is out wide, and conversely throw a ball to a playmaker that isn’t in position. The chip kicks and grubbers that never work. The lack of any real long tactical kicking game.

    The forwards can’t catch and pass, and the backs are brain dead.

    You watch them and you have to think they are trying to score in 2-3 phases. Because once it goes past that, there is literally no game plan. The complete inability to work long term success on attack is infuriating.

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    The Crusaders have never missed a beat under Razor, just goes to show how good a coach he truly is. Results speak for themselves.

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    Blues picked Sotutu as their MOTM

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    I'm on my way to the bottom, as expected haha

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    @MajorRage said in My Turn ... Running Down A Dream:

    However, broke my half marathon record over the week with a 1:42:37. I'll take that, anyway

    doing one in 9 weeks. i can tell you i will not be running that time.

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    Looks like these had broken again. There was a small change to the instagram urls so I had to update the pattern matching.

    Should be good now. No idea how long it was broken

    [Edit] Actually there seem to be a couple of different urls styles now. So not every embed was broken. It works for both styles now