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    Brekkie possum omelettes 🤮

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    @dogmeat I tried one of Double Vision's at the Taranaki Beer Festival - it was excellent. Favourite beer of the day.
    Unfortunately - I can't remember which one it was (they've got three this year). I guess I'll need to go buy some to figure it out.

    I know you’re the man to turn to when it comes to Movie reviews……any chance you can give us a run down on the Beer fest ? That’s one that I’d love to do a roadie to one of these days….

    Thanks in advance.

    It was a while ago... and I was drunk... and I'm a little drunk now... so... fuck it? I'll give it a go?
    Not sure how to review it other than - it's what it says on the tin.
    It's a beer festival - in Taranaki. Taranaki is a prick of a place to get to - so fuck all breweries bother to attend.
    So - you get a mini-Beervana - with a few local breweries that you wouldn't get anywhere else - and not many of the 'bigger' breweries that you get at all the other things like this.
    Maybe 18 beer stalls? 7 or 8 food stalls.
    Oh - and shit - nearly forgot... they set up a professional wrestling ring in the hall as entertainment. C-grade pro-wrestling going on in the background... how the fuck did I nearly forget that?
    The more I think about it - the more I highly recommend. Taranaki breweries that would never go to Beervana or even Hamilton's Great Beer Festival... and C-grade rasslin'. A metric fuck-tonne of pricks wearing Taranaki-Hardcore clothing. Taranaki in a nutshell.

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    @booboo said in RIP 2024:

    Frank Ifield. I Remember You.

    Vaguely remember that on Sunday lunch requests on 2ZB....(I feel old)

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    @Machpants yeah reverse the penalty, that's pathetic

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    I've just downloaded the whole of the Titanic soundtrack.

    It's synching right now.

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    Anyone had a look at Dark Matter? Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Connelly as well as a few other recognisable faces.

    Ep 1 was promising.

    Dark Matter (TV Series 2024– ) ⭐ 7.4 | Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller Dark Matter (TV Series 2024– ) ⭐ 7.4 | Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller

    Dark Matter: Created by Blake Crouch. With Joel Edgerton, Jennifer Connelly, Oakes Fegley, Alice Braga. A man is abducted into an alternate version of his life. Amid the mind-bending landscape of lives he could've lived, he embarks on a harrowing journey to get back to his true family and save them...

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    @Victor-Meldrew also forgetfulness...

    My industry the main players often use off shore call centres, then when customers get fed up, they bring stuff back in house...then, new ceo needs to cut costs, what can we do, I know, set up an off store call centre, it will be different this time.

    Yep. We mapped the real cost of an agent in Bangalore and Sheffield - to include things like staff attrition, training costs, re-work - and found Bangalore more expensive. Brought as much as we could back in-house and increased QoS by 10% (wholesale life insurance and pensions) and sales by 5%.

    Can't be grumpy as I was called back 18 months later to update our work and convince the new CEO for a big fat fee....

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    @NTA Honestly, the youth of today over analyse everything. They need to do less thinking, more doing sometimes, fear less, try more

    alt text

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    No worries mate, think I got it worked anyway. But cheers anyway.

  • Space - Spacex, NASA, Rocket Lab

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    Caught this on radio

    May 14 Auckland space tech company on sending pioneering technology into orbit Auckland space tech company on sending pioneering technology into orbit

    Zenno Astronautics is an Auckland and US-based austronautic company which has already sent its technology into space via Elon Musk's SpaceX.

    10 minute interview with the founder of a Kiwi (although he's originally from Siberia) space start-up who have developed the worlds first all electric space propulsion motor. The size of a gift box for a bottle of wine.

    Will propel a craft, protect its passengers from solar radiation and enable the manufacture of craft in space - all through the application of superconducting magnetic fields.

    Did a test flight on Space X last year and has global patents. All from an office in Parnell.

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    Scale it out to the models that take a million tokens. Now put in three years of work notes, and you can ask for trends or data points that might not be as obvious.

    Absolutely has limitations, but the compute being thrown at these things is increasing 10x every six months. Elon is worried about electricity shortages…

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    @dogmeat yeah I was surprised at the lack of 'warning' in SM, given whenever there is a meteor shower, eclipse or other similar event it is usually publicised, I didnt see anything, until after.

    They can't predict solar storms,

    What do you mean by predict? The BOM was pointing this out days ago and typically only the really fast CMEs arrive in less than a day:

  • Star Wars VII ****contains spoilers****

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    @Rancid-Schnitzel said in Star Wars VII ****contains spoilers****:


    God Disney Starwars is awesome

    Looks like the kind of alien that would order soy flavoured Jawa juice

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    @antipodean said in Movie review thread...:

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    8 The Holdovers. Couldn't get on with it. Bailed after 30 mins.

    Watched it through last night. Pleasing enough but couldn't get over the feeling that I was watching Dead Poets Society set in the 70s. Didn't feel like I'd ever watch it again.

    Giamatti demonstrates he can act.

    The type of movie which works better in a small cinema than at home.

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    @Crazy-Horse said in Motorcyclin':

    Living in Qld I almost have the opposite problem. The winter is the best time for riding. Normally cloudless settled weather with a slight chill. Perfect for riding. The summer can be too hot to ride for whimpy old me.

    We've had 700mm of rain so far this year.... Spring and Autumn are my favourite riding times. Like you, a slight chill makes for the perfect ride.