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    @nzzp chru bro! On the list for the road trip to Northland now.

  • Beer thread

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    @voodoo here is a stout pic I found.

    Garden looking solid too.

    Looking great, excellent head, impressed!

    As long as you mean on the beer I’ll take that.

    Yeah this is the Black Rock Oatmeal stout with extra chocolate, coffee and rum added. Seriously good. Possibly our best beer ever. I also liked how we got more beer with far less “soup” at the bottom unlike what happens when you’ve added a few dry hops.

    Given that Wellington has turned on a typical late spring day where it’s pissing with rain and 14 degrees I might be persuaded to have one tonight I think.

  • Year in review - big questions

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    Best moment - it's fucking sad, but it really was probably RWC QF... it was such an unexpected result, with the pure sporting fan pleasure - but also watching it with 2 uni mates, the 3 of us not having had been together for a couple of decades - and then just over-celebrating afterwards

    Best purchase - a backpack. Again - sad. A ridiculously priced backpack/rucksack. Half-a-grand worth of motorcycling backpack. But it's fucking awesome. Kriega shit is quality. Went to pick it up from the local store having ordered it in, and the girl asked "Oh - is that the gold-plated one?" - obviously disapproving.

    Best watch/read/listen - had to lean back and think... and nothing stands out. Sad again - but maybe Succession or the not-zombie-but-fungi series? The Last of Us - had to look it up. Or - I could just cite all the shit from previous years - which are better than anything which came out this year.

    2024 - trip to Vietnam/Laos in Feb - riding dirty dirt-bike over the Ho-Chi-Minh trail, and a legitimate Cu'o'ngs t-shirt (a-la Christian Slater on Archer). And possibly a move to Vancouver, for improved access to Class-A drugs. Expect my posts to become vastly less coherent, until I sell my work laptop.

  • Electric Vehicles

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    @MajorRage we're going up to Cairns in January and I warned to hire a Polestar 2 for the minimal driving we need to do, just for jollies.

    Mrs TA got nervous because she's years bad things about an EV somewhere 🙄

    Fuck - if I hear a member of my family pontificate one more time "Oh... there's no way I'd buy a purely electric vehicle, because... " - the chance of me doing murder will rise several percentage points.
    And it's already fucking high for most, but especially the ones that tend to do that... so be warned, fluffybunnies - go back to talking meaningless shit about the weather or what ships you saw on the horizon today.

    Her experience to date: sitting in the back of a Tesla Model S 85 that I launched into stupid mode - good fun.

    And her work buying a couple of EVs and having them break down.

    The number of fluffybunnies who say "EVs CATCH FIRE" without looking at the number of petrol cars that catch fire.... my days....

    I hear: "But what about if you needed to recharge it, and the charging stations were all full!!!???"
    While I think... how many times have I ever even seen a car being charged, let alone a queue for a charging station?

    And more recently - even fucking dumber - "Fonterra bought all these new EV trucks, but they ripped up the gravel tanker-tracks - so then they sold them all". To which I think - "Driver error and/or poor configuration". But - "sell them all" - sure, that's also an option.

    To be fair - I've done some research into electric bikes - and mostly it just seems like "too much hassle" - with people carrying around converters and shit. And "what if the charging stations are all full" when I'm on a roadtrip. But more importantly... they're all fucking ugly.

  • TV Serieseseses

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    @Kruse I remember seeing my apartment, and late night corner store of choice, in Zero Dark Thirty and getting pretty pumped.

    It feels cooler than it should. That entire episode - was fucking scene after scene of "my hood", and then my front door in the background... sweet.
    Followed a little bit later by him walking down the steps to the underground rubbish/recycling area.... memories. Overrides the fact that the two scenes should have been reversed, unless he was just walking in an aimless circle.

  • Memes

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  • Movie review thread...

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    I hope this is good. Crowe is perfect for playing a fat bastard that used to do impressive things. Herman was a WW1 ace

    PA Media  /  Dec 7  /  Film Nuremberg: Russell Crowe and Rami Malek to star in film about Nazi trials Nuremberg: Russell Crowe and Rami Malek to star in film about Nazi trials

    Historical drama will focus on US psychiatrist tasked with deciding if Hermann Göring and others were sane enough to face justice

    Göring had a chin at the Nuremburg trials. Going to take some discipline or powerful CGI to achieve that.


    I thought black was supposed to be slimming ?

    Russ missed out on the part of Himmler but got Goring instead

  • Sky TV

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    @JK said in Sky TV:

    both locations also are on fibre which helps

    This is the key. After I got fibre the stream went from shite to flawless.

  • Awesome stuff you see on the internet

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    Yeah, the OMF videos are fun to watch. So talented.

    This is my favourite with Kala on vocals again.

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    @Tim Who knew John Parr had more than one song.

  • RIP 2023

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    @voodoo said in RIP 2023:

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    Still have never been to a country where I didn't in general like the people.

    Never been here in Australia huh?

    😁 Well apart from 26 years, and maybe I have a lot of amnesia apart from mates?😆

  • Favourite Comedians

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    @antipodean said in Favourite Comedians:

    @Bones They're the funniest bit of SNL. Some of the jokes Che writes for Colin would have a comedian cancelled if he wrote them for himself.

    "Cancelled" seems a bit of an understatement.

  • Grumpy Old Man

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    I started the thread ... and then somebody else did ... and I got grumpy about it.

    And Conway.

  • Mobile Tech (iMessage)

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  • Stupid shit you see on the internet

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    @dogmeat said in Stupid shit you see on the internet:

    Farquharson added that the work was juggling with themes of Brexit, nationality, identity, bureaucracy, immigration and austerity.

    Grab bag of trendy issues.

  • Good podcasts

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  • The Fun Police. Has It Worked?

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    @MajorRage said in The Fun Police. Has It Worked?:

    So, here's the thing. Has wokeness actually worked on me, or have time changed so much that classic songs / movies are now more of a real representation of an awful time for woman / lgbt that has passed?

    I think the term 'wokeness' clouds things a bit. It's become a bit of a loaded term.

    I'd say the more extreme political 'wokeness' would be saying that these songs/movies are offensive and should no longer be heard/seen. Or edited to reflect more modern sensibilities.

    What you are describing is a pretty natural and sensible reaction I think. We now know and understand a lot more about sexism/racism than we did in the 80s. Some things were OK to joke about then but certainly aren't now.

    The best response is to understand the context, but still wince at the funny rape scene or the slur in the Dire Straits song. I think that's a pretty good way to go about it.

  • Bad/Lame Jokes

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    @broughie are you dazed? Or perhaps confused?

    Just not up to it.

    How many more times, Hey, hey, what can I do ?

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  • Hawt discussion (PG13 & embeds only)

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    @Tim said in Hawt discussion (PG13 & embeds only):


    That chick has some hairy forearms I must say