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  • Southland v The Bay

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    The Stags might get up here...

  • Canterbury v Tasman

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    @booboo said in Canterbury v Tasman:

    But fuck how forward was that pass?

    you could be watching any number of games from the last week...

  • Waikato v Otago

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    @cgrant said in Waikato v Otago:

    Parker has the physique of a SA forward.

    He is definitely one of the larger no.8s in NZ.

  • Black Ferns XV v Manusina XV

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    The full time score was Black Ferns XV 38 - 12 Manu Sina XV

  • Wellington v North Harbour (RS)

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  • Taranaki v Auckland

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    @KiwiMurph many people in Auckland Rugby asking the same question about Hickey , what has he really done coaching wise..?
    Interestingly enough he turned up to one of Manukau Rovers training nights to see what they were doing differently
    Given Rovers had a possible upcoming semi final against G-Tech in the coming weeks , even though he was there in his Auckland capacity , he was politely asked to leave given he had ties with G-Tech ..🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Northland v The Bay

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    The try that Selby-Rickit scored would never have happened (reffing issues or not) back in the days when forwards actually had to pile into rucks. In some ways it was a consequence of the constant fanning out that happens now.

  • Counties v Manawatu

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  • Southland v Hawke's Bay

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  • Auckland v Waikato

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    Yeah, there is one U20 outside back that I expected to be promoted with all of the injuries but he must be injured too. I assume they are happy to keep Waisake Salabiau playing for the U19s.

  • North Harbour v Northland

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    @J77 loosie is probably the one area we are served well currently, and even looking at the next line of players in club that were in and around the Dev squad and the age group ones, plenty to like there, plus the whispers of who I hear they are looking at too...

    But we really need to be looking very hard at mid-field options (that dont include Blake) and probably a couple of tight forwards too.

  • The Bay v Wellington

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    @Winger I wouldn't mind seeing this pack to start the year. Plenty of experience in that 8 now and there is a good mix of x-factor and grit.

    Numia / Mafileo Aumua Lomax Delany Bird / Sangster Shields Kirifi (new Captain) Flanders

    Bench forwards:
    16. not sure about Hooker. Southall and O'Reilly are my preferred signings.
    17. Mafileo / Numia
    18. Lauaki
    19. Bird / Sangster
    20. Lakai (covering 7/8)

    Players there or there abouts: Iose, Howden, Walker-Leawere, Rakete-Stones

  • Canterbury v Southland

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    What happened to Alex Harford?

  • Tasman v Counties

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  • Otago v Taranaki

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    Perofeta is still a frustrating player to watch. He makes a break and then throws a terrible pass.

  • Hawkes v Manawatu

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    The revised supporter tactics devised by @Stockcar86 and myself were never put to the test such was the whirlwind start made by the Magpies which saw us up by about thirty within fifteen or twenty minutes and the game was well and truly over by then. They were well thought out and would have worked a treat but as they say we kept out powder dry for later use. About twenty or thirty 'Poo supporters were made the error of taking up seats nearby but we were very magnanimous about things, even going so far as offering them our congratulations when they got off zero. We generally left them alone to suffer in their teams ineptness with no need for us to inflict further torment onto their team!
    The visitors did offer a bit of resistance after the initial onslaught as witnessed by keeping the score to a mere fifty when @Donsteppa so wisely pointed out earlier that a century looked a real possibility. It might well have been but we lost track of the number of tries called back for disputed reasons. All in all it was a game that lacked something, the close exciting finishes we have come to expect at McLean Park this season but considering it was against the 'Poo we can live quite comfortably with that!

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  • Otago v Northland

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    @Kiwiwomble for large patches I thought Otago played well

  • Manawatu v North Harbour

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    Another win for harbour - 3 on the trot after a pretty poor start to the season

    But where was Shaun Stevenson? Rested, injured or potentially on standby for a trip to france?

  • Taranaki v Tasman

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    @Chris said in Taranaki v Tasman:

    He has a younger brother Jayden just as big in the Canterbury u/19 squad this year.

    The NZ version of the Skeltons. 🙂