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  • All Blacks vs England 2

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    Watching the game I’d have thought the penalty count would have had a wider gap. Just goes to show how emotional you get watching

  • All Blacks vs Fiji

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    @Winger said in All Blacks vs Fiji:

    Gotta say Aumua has looked good so far, and I think lineouts were better when he arrived? But I might have got that wrong..

    Don't think he's lost a lineout so far. Hope he starts this week.

    He did in test one. When he went to throw and stopped

    yes sorry I was really thinking about test 2, should have qualified.

  • Reds v Wales

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    @NTA said in Reds v Wales:

    @MiketheSnow said in Reds v Wales:

    Unless it absolutely pisses it down

    Brisbane forecast lists zero chance of rain. Around 14°C at kick off


    A feast of running rugby

  • Springboks vs Ireland 2

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  • SF: NZ U20 v France U20

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    That was a crazy scoreline.

  • This topic is deleted!

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  • Wallabies vs. Wales 2

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  • Samoa v Spain

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    Final score Samoa 34-30. Good game in an absolute mud pit. Conditions probably suited Spain more but Samoa showed some good resolve when going behind to grind out the win.

  • Springboks vs Ireland 1

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    Squidge take. My take the boks are looking ominous as fuck

  • Tonga vs Italy

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  • All Blacks vs England I

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    @darylmitchell Ah, yeah, he wasn't available for selection for the first test as he was injured. I haven't heard anything more on that.

  • NZ U20 v Spain U20

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  • Māori All Blacks v Japan XV 2

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    Very little territory, and when the MAB did they coughed up the ball. Forbes had a shocker.

    The conditions must have been difficult as Sullivan was subbed due to heatstroke.

  • Wallabies v Wales I

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  • NZ U20 v France U20

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    @Crazy-Horse said in NZ U20 v France U20:

    @Landers92 said in NZ U20 v France U20:

    @SouthernMann said in NZ U20 v France U20:

    I am looking forward to Dylan Pledger being our Highlanders and Otago halfback. So much talent. I know he's only in his first year out of school, I just hope he can get some gametime in the blue and gold this year.

    Couldn’t agree more mate. What an absolute talent. I know it’s u20s so a bit different but jeez he looks a lot more composed and talented than Arscott and Hastie already.

    Don't count your chickens. The Saders will be after another 9 soon, if they aren't already.

    Foctunately, they have the no2 halfback in the U20s, Ben O'Donovan. That should be sufficient to back up Hotham. Otago and the Highlanders just need to work hard on telling Pledger the story about his future in the region. Which should be long and very sucessful.

  • Samoa vs. Italy 2024

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    @DaGrubster There's a lot of guys in that side that do play for Moana Pasifika and others that played a bit at NPC level, but they weren't even regulars down at NPC level and a fair few of those Moana players aren't regulars for them either. So there are a fair few familiar faces to NZ viewers, but yeah, a lot if them ain't test level. It's a fairly weak Samoan line up, so this result is huge, and as for the heat factor, Italy were the ones camped on the Samoan try line for a lot of the 2nd half, and a lot of these Samoan players play in NZ anyway, unlike the Drua who are a proper Fiji based side made out of locals mostly.

    I must say, Samoa's results against 6 nations opposition in the last 9 months or so has shown massive improvement. They could easily have won against Ireland and England and competed well against Argentina at the world cup as well to go with a big upset against Italy today.

    It shows the benefits of having Moana Pasifika playing in a professional comp.

  • Māori All Blacks v Japan XV I

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    Weird thread. Mainly positivity about Japan and they got dicked 36-10!

    Maori simply had much better ball skills

  • NZ U20 v Wales U20

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    @tubbyj said in NZ U20 v Wales U20:

    The Vice captain 2nd five Xavi Taele looks to be some player ready for the step up to Super Rugby next season already.

    He looked a cut above out there didn't he?

  • Springboks v Wales (Twickenam)

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    @Bones said in Springboks v Wales (Twickenam):

    @MiketheSnow said in Springboks v Wales (Twickenam):

    @Bones said in Springboks v Wales (Twickenam):

    @MiketheSnow said in Springboks v Wales (Twickenam):

    PSDT hand on the floor at nearly every scrum

    Haven't watched the video so maybe missing something, but not sure I follow what the issue is unless he's moved to prop?

    Perhaps I don’t know the laws

    Hands on floor allowed during set up

    From engagement, no?

    I'd always assumed binding on the opposition is only the front row, never considered flankers weren't allowed their free arm to be on the floor.

    Same. Would be odd to penalise that. No advantage achieved if a flanker has his hand on the ground.

  • SR Final - Blues v Chiefs

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