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  • Force v Crusaders

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    The Crusaders have never missed a beat under Razor, just goes to show how good a coach he truly is. Results speak for themselves.

  • Reds v Highlanders

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    @African-Monkey said in Reds v Highlanders:

    @Landers92 Lol it's rich coming from Blues fans when we were in the same situation a few years back.

    I thought he'd be a reds fan these days? Hence the re-emergence from nowhere and delight.

  • Blues v Brumbies

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    Great stats

  • Fijian Drua vs Hurricanes

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    @Winger the Shields, Lakai and Iose combo is probably our best balanced. Flanders and Kirifi have been quality this year though.

  • Hurricanes vs Chiefs

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    As I said before the game, McMillan got some of his selections wrong for this game. Some players are better suited to being subs.

    Had ENS gone to 15 when Stevenson off and Rona wing defence would sure have looked a lot more solid.

    On that, ENS had a storming start to the season, but his form has definitely dipped in the past couple of games. If can get back to start of the season form I'd definitely be looking at him for ABs.

    Very talented, but defence seems less of an issue at 15.

  • Waratahs v Crusaders

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    Fucking Reds. Losing to Moana means we're 9th instead of 8th.

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    @KiwiMurph said in AUPIKI 2024 FINAL: Blues v Chiefs Manawa:

    @Auckman said in AUPIKI 2024 FINAL: Blues v Chiefs Manawa:

    Chelsea Semple’s BF career is pretty much over (or should be) after that howler. In the pouring rain, it should’ve been kicked to Ngaruawahia

    She could have simply put the ball down and taken a goal line drop out. Would have been a far better option than what she did

    Could have grounded the ball, kicked the ball, or passed the ball - basically anything other than what she did 🤦♂

  • Highlanders v Rebels

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    @antipodean I'm going from this year's form, he's been one of the best players for the Brumbies and one of the top fullbacks in the comp. Wright's screwed up plenty of times in the past but is this the year he's finally matured? Who knows but I'd have him in the mix for sure.

    Darby Lancaster is another young gun winger playing really well for the Rebels. He could also be in the mix. The Wallabies aren't short of outside back options.

  • Moana Pasifika v Reds

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    Geez what's happened to Havili's boot this year? His kicking reminds me of watching women's rugby a decade or so ago.

  • Rebels v Drua

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    A classic case of one team playing to their strengths and stopping the other in their tracks from using theirs and capitalising of the fustration that causes.

    Dura forwards didn't stand up when they were needed, if they'd managed to stop the rolling maul they would have won but they let in 3 tries(?) via the maul and just as many out wide when their defence compressed too far in to stop the maul and left gaps out wide.

    Shows sometimes how rugby is a simple game, sometimes all you need is one attacking play that works well and a little bit of brains on top to easily win games.

  • Chiefs v Moana Pasifika

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    @Bovidae said in Chiefs v Moana Pasifika:

    Even though I still think Parker and Sititi were playing in the wrong positions for this combination, you would have to say they combined well. Parker did miss a tackle in both of MP's tries though. Sititi was impressive in those preseason games in Japan so I think he might have forced his way onto the bench in the top 23 with this performance. I don't see McMillan deviating from Boshier at 7.

    Narawa is getting up to speed quickly and seemed to be cruising for most of the game. A touch of Sivivatu I thought, where he never looks to be running fast but nobody catches you.

    while i think you wont see a change for the hurricanes game in the starting loose forwards it wouldnt surprise me if sititi move into the 23.iand after bye week get more time starting if he continues to impress. nteresting they didnt put boisher on at all?

  • Brumbies v Waratahs

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    @MiketheSnow said in Brumbies v Waratahs:

    Poor watch that

    I lasted until halftime, and went to bed. So I didn't miss a lot then Mike?

  • Blues v Force

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  • Highlanders v Hurricanes

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    @cgrant said in Highlanders v Hurricanes:

    Tosi is the one who has stepped up very significantly this year. Last year, he could not scrum. Now, he is a beast at scrum time. And he is very effective in the loose, making the hard yards and he also has good hands. He is the second best THP in NZ, IMO. I would be delighted to see him get a call for the ABs.

    Couldn't agree more mate!

  • Crusaders v Chiefs

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    Hamilton just can’t beat us when it counts. I hope Hamilton plays us in the Quarterfinals.

    Yeah I thought Hamilton were poor due to the Crusaders pressure and defence or they just are not the team they were last year.
    Hamilton just got outplayed.

    I think the early try New Plymouth got meant they mentally switched off a bit, and by the time they refocused they'd let the game slip through their fingers and they couldn't run Blenheim down.

    In the ënd Hamilton and New Plymouth lost and Chch united won

    I think my post highlighted the fact that Ashburton won and Cambridge lost, didn't need the obvious stated. 😉

    Hard pressed to believe Ashtray could win anything to be honest.

    To be fair they did win the Heartland championship in 2013 and 2014.

  • Waratahs v Rebels

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    @KiwiMurph said in Waratahs v Rebels:

    Tahs lost the penalty count 18-4. Discipline might be a good place to start

    So... Basically the last... forever.

  • Reds v Brumbies

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  • Drua v Force

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    Considering the conditions there was some very skillful and entertaining rugby on show today.

    But I've seen horses in the Camargue play in less water.

  • Moana Pasifika v Blues

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    @Daffy-Jaffy said in Moana Pasifika v Blues:

    Vikena made 20 tackles in 62 mins. top was Choat with 21 in 80 mins.

    I think Vikena played 80

    He was about to go off then Perofeta went off. Vikena played in the loosies, Sotutu to 12 & Plummer to 10

  • Drua v Waratahs

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    Awesome game, and great commentary too. Clark sounds like he's enjoying the game no matter who scores.

    Greg Clark is a superb operator.

    Except when he doesn't know that golden point exists!

    Wishful thinking, positive attitude. It's a good thing