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    @Winger said in All Blacks vs Fiji:

    Gotta say Aumua has looked good so far, and I think lineouts were better when he arrived? But I might have got that wrong..

    Don't think he's lost a lineout so far. Hope he starts this week.

    He did in test one. When he went to throw and stopped

    yes sorry I was really thinking about test 2, should have qualified.

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    Christ, beware 14.5% shiraz drinking during the game.

    I didn't vote for Beaudy, and I should have. Ethan, DMac and that was apparently it for me. Wild.

    Have a virtual vote Beaudy and I'm looking forward to watching the replay this week

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    Someone posted an interesting article on Itoje and in it the writer remarked how Scotty could have complained more about some of his lineout tactics. I'll have to go back and watch again.
    The article got the height wrong (I don't think the English locks were much taller if at all, Itoje is definitely quick though) but it made an interesting point about the distinctions between 4 and 5 and how Patty and Scott are best in the same position.

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    I had Ethan Dmac Sevu
    I know not the most popular choices.
    I can try justify it, but I’d rather open another beer and celebrate.

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    I wanted to wait until I saw it in the game, but I hate the strips on the shoulders.

    Collar could be ok if the front was black.

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    @darylmitchell Ah, yeah, he wasn't available for selection for the first test as he was injured. I haven't heard anything more on that.

  • All Blacks bolters

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    @sparky said in All Blacks bolters:

    Did anyone say Tosi?

    Logan Savory in the Southland Tribune (a Substack newsletter) back in April opined about the possibility of Tosi making the ABs. Not bad!


  • Name Your AB Team

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    @Tim 🤣

  • Sid Going, RIP

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    Big brother Ken was the hardman. Any winger who stepped inside him knew what was coming―coathanger...their choice.

  • Sam Whitelock

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    A better version of Sam's final post match speech -

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    No one has replied
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    @SBW1 said in Opinions on possible back-up All Blacks 10s:

    newbies will come through and fill the void. Aidan Morgan being a good example.

    alt text

  • All Blacks 2024

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    @darylmitchell Papali’i plays one okay game and now you’re talking him up as if he’s on McCaw’s level. I think your heads in the clouds a bit there fella. Let’s just see if he can keep that form up for the whole year instead of announcing him as the second coming. We already have Blackadder in the team who holds that mantle.

    As for your Blues forwards, Sotutu and Ioane played bloody well on the weekend… oh wait.

  • Barnes autobiography

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    @MajorRage said in Barnes autobiography:

    I'm certainly one for thinking rules shouldn't be set for the lowest common denominator (Which they are), but you also can't keep your head in the sand when your changes are blatantly not working. We saw 3 yellow cards and a red in the world cup final for fucks sakes. How can it possibly be explained that the changes are having an effect, when 4 people got sent from the field in the biggest game of their lives for indiscretions? The only thing you can do is actually change the rules and/or the way it's refereed to try and reduce controversy.


    WR do themselves no favours by not acknowledging their preferred course of action is clearly not having the desired effect and worse, is ruining the game.

    That being said, it would help if the TMO wasn't a 🤡

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    @Frank said in All Blacks 2024:

    @Victor-Meldrew said in All Blacks 2024:

    @Windows97 said in All Blacks 2024:

    Exactly!! Why weren't we playing that brand of rugby in the years prior??

    Time? Turning around team culture/composure isn't as simple as flicking a switch.

    Nah. They just changed the assistants who were far better coaches than the previous ones. Foster was always a non entity.

    What on earth have Foster's assistants to do with generally accepted timescales to change culture in a team or organisation?

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    Thread continues here, without the Foster repetitiveness:
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    @nostrildamus I'm hopeful JB can given how physically gifted he is. It just feels like a curse they carry around due to being so damn competitive 😁

    To me, it's like they feel they HAVE to be the one to make the big play out of nothing (hence BB's "golden balls" moniker courtesy of Shag) but the team would be better served if they let the ball go earlier or played in the moment vs trying to get too many steps ahead.

    The movements at 00:55s (JB hesitation) and 01.59s (BB hesitation) of this clip are perfect examples...

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    @KiwiMurph said in How to rank this RWC?:

    Quite a few of the hyped pool games failed to live up to expectations from a neutral point of view.

    Scotland-Boks, Scotland-Ireland, England-Argentina, Wales-Australia come to mind. Italy weren't even semi competitive vs ABs or France

    Of course this isn't unique to this World Cup and other teams performed above expectations going in (Portgual & Japan) but on paper I thought pool play would be even more competitive than it was.

    Failing to live up to expectations in a WC has been a Scots tradition for pretty much as long as I remember. A couple of blow outs but completely shat the bed when it counted.

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    @MajorRage said in RWC Final: All Blacks v Springboks:

    And they say kiwis are one eyed about their rugby ….

    What sort of a bubble do you live in to think this what EVERYBODY wanted???


    To be fair the worst supporters of any country are guilty of this kind of wank speak.

    It is a bit surprising it is a player saying it though.

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    @taniwharugby said in All Blacks MOTM v Argentina (SF):

    @mariner4life the touchdown he looked undecided on...

    Yeah seems a switch was flicked in him and he has become a very good player this year.

    Way he is playing has restored a better balance to our loose trio allowing both Cane and Ardie to play thier games as well.

    Although he looked spent in the final quarter.

    Which is perfect right, given our current bench make-up. He can spend himself for 60mins knowing that Whitelock is chomping at the bit to come off the bench and SB can go 80 (cards aside 😬)

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    @Joans-Town-Jones @nzzp

    Oh come on, you've both been watching this RWC where I'm yet to see a penalty in a situation where the ball carrier has deliberately led with his head, to the point where we've even heard the ref state exactly that on the fly.

    Stop getting your knickers in a twist about make believe.