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  • RWC match threads & Tipping

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    @dogmeat said in RWC match threads & Tipping:

    man I suck at margins

    @chimoaus is the suckiest at margins, top equaling 21 results correct yet 34th out of 51!

  • 2023 NZ Schools

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    NZR have edited their post on FB and it now says that the Australia U18 v NZ Schools game will be live on Sky Sport.

  • Aussie Rugby

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    @GibbonRib Power House 👑 🟢 ⚫ ⚪ 👑

  • 2023 Cricket World Cup

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    I believe that is the first ODI series win in Bangladesh ever.

  • Rugby World Cup general discussion

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    @canefan said in Rugby World Cup general discussion:

    @taniwharugby said in Rugby World Cup general discussion:

    @canefan am sure they have some top medical people on it, but agree from my layman position, seems very risky.

    I heard some talk of a mask. That may be fine in basketball, but rugby is far more physically confronting. Mask or not, one big shot to the face and he's in big trouble

    Very Phantom of the Opera...

  • Magpies 2023

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  • NRL 2023

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    @Rancid-Schnitzel said in NRL 2023:

    Have to give a shit tonne of credit to Kevin Walters here. Took over a shambles and has completely turned things around. Respect to that man.

    yes and no, I tend to think anyone who follows Sielbold will look good and Manly will also find this out, but some credit needs to go his way for sure

  • EPL 2023/2024

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    Big Ange's Spurs get a meritorious 2-2 draw against Arsenal at the Emirates. It was an exciting encounter, Spurs seem unphased about trying to play out from the back, which made for some dicey moments at times. But their attack is very attractive to watch, and they have a high energy press, a big step up from last year

  • Sports Memes

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    @MN5 said in Sports Memes:

    @Machpants said in Sports Memes:

    @MN5 said in Sports Memes:

    @Bones said in Sports Memes:

    You’ve done it again

    Different thread, doesn't count

    Probably fair enough. We do get “Foster is shit” in about ten different threads after all.

    It's a universal truth

  • Highlanders 2024

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    @Bovidae said in Highlanders 2024:

    @frugby To be accurate Faleafaga was the main 1st 5 for the NZ U19s last year. Byron Smith was the other 1st 5 in the squad. Both Kemara and Godfrey were unavailable for selection. As I've said before, Faleafaga's defence will need to improve to be a 2nd 5. Two of the tries Japan U20s scored were through his missed tackles while playing at 12.

    Could be wrong, but I remember Faleafaga playing 13. That was obviously only in a few matches. His defence has certainly improved, but at the end of the day, if you can't defend, you won't make it to the top top level whatever the position.

  • The future of the NZ Schools team

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    I think this is the start of NZRFU getting rid of all school rugby apart from 1st & 2nd xv. It needs to happen if clubs are to survive.
    Not only are you losing kids from your club at year 9 , but you’re also losing all the volunteers that have coached/managed since under 6s.

  • AFL 2023

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    contested ball beast!

  • RWC squads 2023

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    alt text

  • NFL Season 2020/21/22/23

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    you too

  • NZR review

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    Yeah this is going to be facinating

  • Argentina back in Super Rugby 2026?

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    @Stargazer Japan didnt give much credence to the Sunwolves from the outset did they?

    Which is why they were made up of so many players from NZ / Aus rather than the best local Japanese (or even ex NZ/SA/Aus players) who were playing the Japanese comp.

    Maybe we need to see if we can add 2 or 3 teams to thier comp with an aim to get Japan into a SH comp, with Fiji, finally realise we dont hold all the cards?

  • Formula 1

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    @MajorRage said in Formula 1:

    @canefan most definitely not talking about Stroll. Him and Sargent are a joke.

    Sargent is the worst thing in F1 since Mazepan

  • 2023 Hawke's Bay Representative Rugby

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    Hurricanes U16 Tournament

    Result from today:

    HB U16 'A' 15 - 17 Wellington Gold

    I haven't seen the result from the non-competition game between HB U16 Development and Whanganui U16.

    Tuesday fixtures, again at HB Regional Sports Park #1:

    11.00am: HB U16 Development v NP East Coast
    2.30pm: HB U16 'A' v Wellington Black

  • All Blacks 2023

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    I have never been a Foster fan and have bagged the shit of him on the fern,But after reading and listening to a lot of NH fans and ex NH rugby players who are now in the media some not good enough in their playing days to get anywhere near the standard of an AB in those times I am looking at you MR Foster you need to select this team right get the tactical game in order,Go and put Italy away stuff the Irish if we do Wales will not beat us in a SF after getting that roll on.
    I want some credibility in the Black jersey now and stick it up some of these smug fluffybunnies..
    UP THE ABs.

  • Otago 2023

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    @SouthernMann said in Otago 2023:

    The forward pack is great.

    The backline I genuinely think have a fair bit of talent. But, for a fair bit of the season we have borderline run a colts backline. They need to have some time in the gym, get bigger, become smarter rugby players. THis is a very young team, especially in the backs.

    For sure, but I'd also say Donnelly picked this team, and whatever caveats we might say, he hasn't got the best out of it. Playing a 12,13,14 of TUJ, Te Hiwi and Whaanga is incredibly slow. All individually good players, but they don't balance each other at all. Outside of Nareki, and Gilbert on occasion, we have not seen any real spark. I've seen far worse players carve things open for Otago, thinking of a Jayden Spence, a Marshall Suckling, a Faasiu Fuatai. Hardly worldbeaters, but had a bit of acceleration. We certainly looked better with Leslie at 12, but don't think we have got the gameplan right to get the best out of these young guys.