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    I can see there still being four certainties in the forwards (Williams, Taylor, Barrett, Blackadder), but people calling for the likes of Strange to be selected should be in for a reality check.

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    I certainly hope that Darry isn't out for long. As McWhannell is injury prone too, we could soon be down to one specialist lock, and a rookie at that.

    Currently fit are McWhannell and Beehre, and the lock/sixes Suafoa and Thompson (also a rookie). Who is the next choice to bring into the squad? Annandale? Not many others are available. Maybe Hallam-Eames?

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    @Tim said in Highlanders v Blues:

    @Old-Samurai-Jack People seem to forget that the Blues forwards were fucking good in 2022 all the way up to the final. Then Eklund choked. 14 wins in a row didn't happen by accident.

    They were good and would have been "fucking" good if the Crusader's forwards didn't do a number on them in the final in 2022. Not being an arse, but the Blues forwards have capitulated in the past when it mattered. Early days but they battered a handy Clan tight five and some things like supporting the ball carrier and protecting the ball at the breakdown were very obvious in this game. They seem to be playing as a unit and not as individuals this season.

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    So what coaching experience did cama have before taking over? Apart from assistant to previous, like foster. This is a poorly coached team

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    @MN5 said in Grumpy Old Man:

    @MajorRage said in Grumpy Old Man:

    The Highlanders Blues is the worst rugby commentary team Ive heard in my entire life.

    Zero insight, bullshit cliche after crappy rugby saying followed by SBW side line comments of absolutely nothing. It's like 3-4 guys at the pub talking about the obvious. "Mate", "he's got some pace", "he's strong", "the boys", "welshmen got through border control".

    Absolute complete load of wankathon. Makes me miss Justin Marshall.

    (In this thread to not detract from the game which is pretty good)

    Massive call. Have you heard James McConie ?


    Your new disdain of McOnie is laughable for such a big fan of that guy.

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    Sotutu, Telea and Papalii.

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    @Joan-and-Mary said in TSF Super Rugby Tipping 2024:

    @KiwiPie HI Nick, please could you change my picks, I made a mistake, ticked the Waratahs instead of the Crusaders. Very sorry. 😧

    Quick delete this 😉

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    @LABCAT said in Black Caps v Australia:

    I'm starting to believe

    Stop that shit right now.

    We have no hope.

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    @Victor-Meldrew said in TV Serieseseses:

    @Kruse said in TV Serieseseses:

    @Frank said in TV Serieseseses:

    @antipodean said in TV Serieseseses:

    True Detective Season Four

    Outstanding. Issa López made a worthy successor to the first season.

    I thought it was absolute shit.

    But then, it was featuring a culture other than european-white-men.
    In fact - some (paranoid-delusionals) - might consider it was pushing a culture other than WMA.
    So yeah - probably not your cup of tea.

    3 episodes in and I can't quite make up my mind up. The Inuit side of things I actually quite like and adds a lot to the acting and atmosphere, but I hope it improves - bit underwhelming at times

    I wanted to like it.
    Found the main characters distinctly unlikeable.
    All the good police work is done by their young assistant.

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    @SouthernMann said in Highlanders 2024:

    Withy and Harmon are locks with that trio. If we play Renton, we need to consider who takes on the carrying responsibility from the rest of the pack. That'll likely sit on Holland's shoulders. Which means he has to start. The eight role is still a question mark. I'd like to see them give both Sanders and Stodart a go. On reflection, a bit of ill discipline and goal kicking was the difference score wise. The game certainly showed we can compete with the other NZ sides. The biggest upside of the last couple of weeks is that our backs are opening up space behind the defensive line.

    Stoddart might be a year early? I'm not sure Withy should be a lock. We got totally bullied in the loose.

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    Peach of a ride got Think It Over home over Fangirl.

    On a personal note, had my 50th win as an owner in January. #leviathanowner

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    55 million fund under the condition -
    the media organisation must “actively promote the principles of partnership, participation and active protection under Te Tiriti o Waitangi acknowledging Māori as a Te Tiriti partner”. And have a “commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi and to Māori as a Te Tiriti partner”.


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    Yeah, they need the founders to come back and pull an Elon. Identify the activist employees and fire them all.

  • 2024 Super Rugby U20s

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    The other result in Rd 1 was:

    Fiji U20 39-25 Tonga U20 (HT: 29-3)

    Round 2 is today and live on SS3.

    Fiji vs Moana Pasifika - 3 pm
    Tonga vs Samoa - 5:30 pm

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    @Bovidae said in NBL 2023-24:

    The Sydney Kings loss to the Breakers has cost their US coach his job. It was fun watching their owners look miserable at the end of the game.

    alt text

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    Next Goal Wins. "Documentary" based on the true story of Thomas Rongen coaching the American Samoa Football team. Written and directed by Taika Waititi with Michael Fassbender as Rongen.

    One of the funniest films I've seen - bloody brilliant. Fantastic comedy performance by Fassbender playing it absolutely straight.

    5 Maradonna Hands-of-God out of 5 Fred Dagg place-kicks.