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    Chasing 41

    That’s why you bowl first in these matches. More time for after match drinks

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    That was 15 wins in a row at Eden Park

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    @KiwiMurph It might fit insofar as financial considerations have overridden maximising team peformance.

    Super rugby finishes and then this is when England is available to come. The guys responsible for balancing the books aren't going to say no - they're going to tell Razor to deal with it. Something similar may well have happened to Stead.

    (Maybe we will see one of those games of three halves in the free weekend? Though that belongs in a separate thread. There's some Crusaders who will need some sort of hit out).

  • NZ Cricket

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    @Godder said in NZ Cricket:

    Agree that it's probably time for Stead to move on but that article also raises the good point that it's not as if NZ is stacked with available coaching talent either (much like player stocks).

    This feels like the slide after 1990 as the NZ greats from the 1980s started retiring - the newcomers held up for a bit while some of those 1980s greats kept going, but as each great retired, it got a bit harder and a bit worse, and the replacements just weren't of that level (especially early on in their careers).

    Then one day everyone was gone and Blair Hartland was opening and we were selecting Adam Parore as a batsman. Hopefully we can avoid slipping that far...

    Yep, I remember Matty Hayden couldn’t get a game for Australia and NZ were selecting the two Blairs.

    I think the drop off will be more dramatic now as the collection of greats is more than in the late 80s

  • Sports Memes

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  • Super Rugby 2024

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    I'm confused, isn't the Aussie mythos about being the underdog, the little guy, eking out an incredible win due to toughness and determination?

  • Highlanders 2024

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    @Nogusta said in Highlanders 2024:

    Out of that group I'd be keen on Heremaia Murray, tangitau (even though doesn't sound like it is happening), Sinkinson at a stretch), Bailyn Sullivan and Brewis

    I'm hearing Vikena and Tangitau are locked in for the Highlanders

    Tangitau is a huge win for the Landers. Damn I was hoping Laidlaw would have targeted him as a replacement for Moorby as he’s coached him in the sevens and under 20s. That’s why I don’t think Sullivan will leave the Canes as there’s a starting spot to play for.

    Landers will have some class back three options next year.

  • Super Rugby - The Future

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    Predictably Australian rugby social media is packed with "we can't win so we have to leave" posts. Oh and of course "we got dudded by the biased kiwi ref".

    Australian rugby fans (as a collective, not individuals) are such fucking cats. It's almost unaustralian to want to quit because it's too hard (I'm talking sport, not work).

    Of course they are followed by fantasy posts about national club competitions. I assume populated by semi-pro players as it would be the only way to keep the lights on. Enjoy your Wallaby tours to Spain and Germany.

    Good luck getting all the ex-pat kiwis propping up your club comps to switch to supporting Eastwood over the Blues too.

  • Blues MOTM v Brumbies (SF)

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    Lam is a good example of the limits of how we are counting MOTM points. He’s had a great season but hasn’t been in the top 3 yet so has zero points

    The table measures something but it doesn’t exactly match performance.

  • Euro 2024

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    Comfortable for the Germans. A great header by Rüdiger. 😉

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    @Canes4life hopefully he's a better assistant than he is a HC. Might be happier doing his core job as opposed to running the show

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    @ACT-Crusader said in All Blacks 2024 - looking forward:

    @Victor-Meldrew said in All Blacks 2024 - looking forward:

    @Tim said in All Blacks 2024 - looking forward:

    @Machpants That first game might be a real shock, especially with a French TMO.

    On the other hand, the Georgian Ref is really good - one of the best in the RWC

    Oh, you’re being sarcastic. Right?

    He is an absolute shocker.

    I thought he was really good in the RWC. More consistent than most, communicated well, kept the game moving and didn't over-use the TMO.

  • EPL 2023/2024

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    Here's one for @dogmeat


  • Blues 2024

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  • NRL 2024

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    That’s got to be one of the worst calls I’ve seen. There is no way the Raiders hooker got the grounded for the try. They even went upstairs and still somehow called it a try😂😂😂

  • NPC Player Movements.

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    @Billsy111 said in NPC Player Movements.:

    @Landers92 Sevu Reece to Southland?. Be great if he gets a game or two for them. But I doubt it.

    @Chris-B You blokes finally run out of money?

  • Aussie Pro Rugby

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    @Tim said in SF - Blues v Brumbies:

    Having a quick look over at Green and Gold etc ... Australia has to leave Super Rugby etc. They really want the Wallabies to be permanently in the 2nd tier.

    It's the home of perennial whiners and morons. The average rugby following Ozzie I chat to around the grounds has twice the intellect.

    I mean still dumb, but... 😉

  • NZR review

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    @Windows97 don't forget the utter debacle approaching Australian Super franchises behind their board's back

  • AFL 2024

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    So you can stick a fork in Melbourne now that Petracca is done for the year.

  • QF - Blues v Drua

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    Great to see for the Drua, but Mark really needs to work on punctuation and spaces, I had to read through twice to figure WTF he was attempting to say