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    @Chris said in Super Rugby - The Future:

    @KiwiMurph said in Super Rugby - The Future:

    @Chris so is that an 18 round regular season if you factor in 2 byes?

    It would have to be to make it work, not locked in the preferred version so I hear probably will end up being tweaked maybe to 5 teams played twice to pull back the weeks they can fit in.
    They are keen to start the comp a week earlier than normal.

    Why do you need byes with 11 teams, fuck that. Not required, rotate if required

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    Shaun Stevenson and Du’Plessis Kirifi are to be game time decisions. Wont know until close to kick off whether they are playing or not.

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    @Duluth said in Blues MOTM v Brumbies (SF):

    Lam is a good example of the limits of how we are counting MOTM points. He’s had a great season but hasn’t been in the top 3 yet so has zero points

    The table measures something but it doesn’t exactly match performance.

    Dependable, especially in the knock outs so far

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    Thanks @KiwiPie for running the competition.

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    loaded twice as fast as previously well done