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    I certainly hope that Darry isn't out for long. As McWhannell is injury prone too, we could soon be down to one specialist lock, and a rookie at that.

    Currently fit are McWhannell and Beehre, and the lock/sixes Suafoa and Thompson (also a rookie). Who is the next choice to bring into the squad? Annandale? Not many others are available. Maybe Hallam-Eames?

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    I can see there still being four certainties in the forwards (Williams, Taylor, Barrett, Blackadder), but people calling for the likes of Strange to be selected should be in for a reality check.

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    Sotutu, Telea and Papalii.

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    @Joan-and-Mary said in TSF Super Rugby Tipping 2024:

    @KiwiPie HI Nick, please could you change my picks, I made a mistake, ticked the Waratahs instead of the Crusaders. Very sorry. 😧

    Quick delete this 😉

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    @MN5 said in Grumpy Old Man:

    @MajorRage said in Grumpy Old Man:

    The Highlanders Blues is the worst rugby commentary team Ive heard in my entire life.

    Zero insight, bullshit cliche after crappy rugby saying followed by SBW side line comments of absolutely nothing. It's like 3-4 guys at the pub talking about the obvious. "Mate", "he's got some pace", "he's strong", "the boys", "welshmen got through border control".

    Absolute complete load of wankathon. Makes me miss Justin Marshall.

    (In this thread to not detract from the game which is pretty good)

    Massive call. Have you heard James McConie ?


    Your new disdain of McOnie is laughable for such a big fan of that guy.

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    Been a less active week as had some medicals to do on Thursday (gastroscopy and colonoscopy due to unexplained anemia, ie lack of red blood cells despite good iron levels). Nothing untoward noted so still an unsolved mystery at this stage.

    Monday - easy 30mins run (6.3KM)
    Tuesday - gym session (AM) - bench and squats 5x5 + accessory work
    Weds / Thurs - nothing
    Friday - gym session (PM) - deadlifts and OHP 5x5 (struggled with the weight - need to repeat) + accessory work.
    Saturday - mountain bike ride 20km / 630m elevation
    Sunday - nothings

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    Looks like these had broken again. There was a small change to the instagram urls so I had to update the pattern matching.

    Should be good now. No idea how long it was broken

    [Edit] Actually there seem to be a couple of different urls styles now. So not every embed was broken. It works for both styles now