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    @GibbonRib said in Aussie Rugby:

    Don't think it would sit so well in Sydney and Qld though. Too incompatible with the established comps and traditional set-up.

    In terms of Sydney: there are a few clubs who would gladly knife the rest if they could make a quick buck from a national comp.

    The Premier Rugby competition (sometimes referred to as Shute Shield but that is just First Grade) consists of (currently) 11 clubs with 4 Senior Grades and 3 Colts Grades each... well in theory.

    Randwick, Eastwood, Sydney Uni, Gordon, and Eastern Suburbs have enough players for probably 5 Senior Grades and 4 Colts sides. Maybe more. They warehouse a lot of guys so they can take rego money off them every year. Easy money from idiots who are happy to get a pair of shorts and socks, and sit on the bench for 10 minutes every other week.

    Northern Suburbs, Manly, and Warringah probably sit in the next tranche, with Norths in particular having issues fielding all 3 Colts sides this year. Warringah's Colts were good, but Grade were duds in 2023.

    Hunter Wildfires (based in Newcastle) are only in the comp as a rescue mission* and only field 2 Grades + 1 Colts - they might not be there next year, because the Newcastle comp is also suffering and they can't get the numbers, and the travel is a bit of an issue.

    *Penrith were slowly imploding but they wanted 12 clubs, so Hunter stepped in. Then Penrith left to go play in Canberra, where they also got smaaaaaaaaashed

    West Harbour and Southern Districts fielded all their teams but mostly got whipped.

    Two Blues could only field 3 Grades + 2 Colts (struggled to do that) and their results were ordinary. First Grade finished mid table (9W, 9L), Second Grade bottom 4 (7W, 11L), and Thirds stone cold last (1W from 17). Their Colts failed to win a single game between them. I'm shocked they haven't fallen over.

    So, with the top 4-5 clubs in Sydney, and 3-4 from Brisbane, and one each from Canberra and Melbourne, you could create a decent competition BUT funding it is the issue.

    Besides bus trips between Sydney and Canberra, everything else is a flight. If you want to include Perth, it is an expensive flight.

    We don't exactly have billionaires lying around to fund this (besides Twiggy) so it'll need some creative thinking to work.

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    @taniwharugby said in RWC Week 4: All Blacks v Italy:

    @canefan they need to be able to play whats in front of them and react to something they see, but look at the Irish, they are so disiplined in what they do, particularly on defence, they are all in, this then pressures the opposition creating opportunities and giving the freedom to attack, which is also because they have the trust in thier defensive system if it doesnt come off, but also, more often than not, they get the fuck out of thier 22, properly, as do several other top sides.

    With the stats re kicking about at present and playing in the opposition half, it makes you wonder what either Foster is seeing to have plans for these short kicks, or, what the players think they are seeing over and over when the short kick is just putting more pressure on themselves.

    I love the way England's George Ford took that Argie must-win game for them by the scruff of the neck and said "I'm going to won this game for us". He saw the opportunity was there and did what no-one expected them to do. Popped over the droppies at random which is very hard to counter. Kicked long for touch from the 22 as well. I would love just one of our 10s to take that sort of responsibility.

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    The Stags might get up here...

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    Vikina, Behere and Plummer

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    TSF Tipping TSF Tipping

    The Silver Fern's tipping competition

    Finally KIrwan's "pick without thinking" strategy was dashed on the rocks in what could be the pivotal weekend for the competition. The 3 games that weren't blowouts had quite a few people going for Northland, Tasman and Auckland and those people have dropped down the table rapidly. Dolamite, Laurence, Paj, Joan & Mary and Unite all picked 7 from 7 and top score was 57 for Dolamite and Winger who picked 6/7 but had 5 margin calls. At the other end of the scale, Duluth had 24, Kirwan 26 & Higgins & Plastered Peni 33.

    All of which means it is all change at the top with Victor now leading by 4 from Donsteppa who is 4 clear of Waynes World. It is 2 back to Winger and 2 more to Dolamite. Bayimports is up to 6th after 2 great weeks. Plastered Peni dropped 5 places, Kirwan from 1st to 8th, Higgins down to 10th and Duluth from 4th to 13th.

    All to play for on the final weekend with a few unpredictable games coming up.

    In the teams comp, the top 2 on the ladder - unbeaten all season - crashed out at the semi-final stage with wins for Wellington and Hawkes meaning they will contest the final next weekend. Winger, Laurence & Hydro11 all topped 50 while Hawkes were grateful to Paj, kiwimatrix and Stockcar86 but solid scoring.

    The Cup final is a low scoring affair with Higgins & Plastered Peni tied on 33-33 after the first leg.

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    Finished The WOman in the Wall last night.

    Was a pretty good series, Ruth Wilson and Daryl McCormack were both excellent in thier roles.

    Started a bit slow, but was a good story, but ramped up midway through (6 ep series)

    While not based on anything, it was inspired by the Magdalene Laundries, that I had heard of, but wasnt 100% on what they were...

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    @mooshld Good luck mate

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    I'm hearing rumblings from the CDC about further vaccinations and this could be problematic for me. All the boarding and care and assisted living facilities will follow terr guidance and I go to these facilities. I will no longer be vaccinated. 3 shots and 2 mild Covid experiences is enough.

    I just left a company and they're still talking about vaccinating children which a risk reward analysis does not support. I know Europe is not advocating this anymore.

    We will see what happens but I know there's going to be a lot more resistance in America.

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    Poor bastard. Just cant win.

    US & Canada Biden dog Commander bites another Secret Service agent Biden dog Commander bites another Secret Service agent

    This is the 11th time Commander has bitten a guard at the White House or the Biden family home.

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    @Duluth said in Registration is working again:


    Try clearing your browser cache

    Genius, you should be in IT bro