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    Save the shouting expletives at people for your facebook in-group signalling please

    Just repeating this, plus a couple of other things that should be obvious

    Please don't even insinuate that a specific individual has broken the law and/or a health order. If you want to make accusations do it on social media, preferably with your own name visible.

    Wishing death on people is frowned upon too

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    Genuine question

    Why are people still testing?

    Personal curiousity?

    But of that, a bit of I'd like to join the club, a bit of work still has protocols around return to work (they're based in Canada) ... but primarily curiousity.

    In our work it would be expected for me or my staff to report if we got the vid. Otherwise I'd test unofficially for my own reasons. But I'd have to be pretty sick first

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    @MiketheSnow said in Coronavirus - UK:

    Am I missing something?

    Sunak grilled yesterday about 'Eat Out To Help Out'

    I like what you did there.

    People will believe what they want to believe, regardless of any factual evidence. Unfortunately, this also extends to newspaper editors.

    Truth will never really be known, but the facts are pretty straight forwards:

    Govt researchers say it had no / limited effect. Independent say it did.

    Figure it out as you will.

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    (Some of) The epidemiologists in NZ are still trying to claw their way back into the dazzling light of relevancy that had pre-Covid never illuminated their careers.

    Google Michael Woods the only reference to the epidemiologist is a link to his own FB page.

    I can't include Siouxsie Wiles as she's all over the news suing her employers for failing to protect her during Covid (from the anti-vaxxers). Plus she's a microbiologist.

    I think it was @tim who said pre-Covid most in the scientific community didn't even consider epidemiologists as proper scientists.

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    Those things are fucking terrible.

    I'm not a cake person at all, but Lamingtons are surely kiddie food. Sponge cake dipped in chocolate rolled in desiccated coconut.

    At a morning tea, my weakness is always


    Fark yes!!! Them and parties pies, I could get through a mountain of each

    100%! I get really annoyed at work if someone gets catering and they've tried to get something fancy instead of a selection of sausage rolls, party pies and those little quiches. They're also convenient in that I can load up a plate of them and take them back to my desk with minimal interaction with other people in the office.

    Forgot about those delicious little quiches!

    Only the vegetarian ones are gay 😏

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    @No-Quarter said in Alternative Covid - Challenging the Narrative:
    The Flu is so much worse it's not even funny, the whole thing is a joke.

    Can confirm. I have it right now. Two days of fever and nothing else. Feeling better today.

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    @Kiwiwomble said in Lockdown/Covid Check In:

    @mikedogz hopefully it passes with little to no symptoms

    where are you based? don't think we even have any restrictions if you test positive anymore in aus

    Labour should have done this already. You sick? Stay at home. Otherwise you can come and go as you please

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    alt text

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    @smudge said in Traveling in 2022:

    I've booked for Aussie (from NZ) in September. In the unlikely event self iso is still in place when I return, that's all good as I live alone...

    I'm off to Cairns and then visiting friends on the Gold Coast. Would welcome tips for Cairns - I know a guy there but he's quite busy making wardrobe space for his wife's shopping addiction so I don't want to bother him too much.

    I'm coming too!!!!! 🙂 Well I say that but we all know that decision is going to be made about two weeks prior and prolly not by me!

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    So, I’ve successfully returned from NZ, spent the weekend downsizing my mums place (throwing out stuff and changing 9 light bulbs), I really felt bad over the last year, if she had got sick or just old I couldn’t get over their easily to help her

    One great score was finding my old Otago and highlanders jerseys!


    Great work, I changed 2 bulbs and a door handle thingee last time I went back. The latter took me 4 x trips to Mitre 10, fark I'm hopeless at that stuff 🤣

    Next lockdown you should spend it working on your handyman skills rather than relaxing in Queenstown or hanging out on the Northern beaches. 😉

    The phrase "lost cause" springs to mind

    I'm pretty sure @Nepia is the guy that can't cook....have at him mate!

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    @Bones said in What’s it like having Godzone all to yourself?:

    @Hooroo thought I remembered you mentioning on here you mentioned something to your bro in front of her that upset her! Prolly making it up.

    Maybe when I was over there visiting last year. It's very likely 🙂

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    @Hooroo and we know for sure that @mariner4life is trolling and/or drunk. No, wait. He's both!!

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    @voodoo said in [Poll] What will the Govt decide today?:

    Barely though. I haven't ordered anything online from a butcher because the choices are so limited under current conditions. Every cafe and restaurant here is closed. I'm fucking gagging for a takeaway coffee and a vindaloo. You don't think 4 days of business will be important to them?

    We got our usual meat order last week, free delivery too, which was great given Dominoes dont even deliver out as far as we are, the booze shop wont either.

    I am sure it will be, but I just think this wil be thier (the Govt) 'happy medium'

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    @MajorRage said in Coronavirus - Media Discussion:

    Govt told the Times to fuck off.

    Terrible use of their time.

    Apr 18, 2020 Response to Sunday Times Insight article Response to Sunday Times Insight article

    A Government spokesman said: ‘This article contains a series of falsehoods and errors and actively misrepresents the enormous amount of work which was going on in government at the earliest stages of the Coronavirus outbreak.’ ‘This is an unprecedented global …

    Embarassingly comprehensive rebuttal. Journalist and editor should resign.

  • Coronavirus & Messaging Apps - Help wanted.

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    Has anyone been using Syncplay or similar apps to watch movies or listen to music with friends?

    I've been using to stream music to friends.

    Any app or service suggestions? Would love to be able to stream music to friends easily from my desktop.

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    @Crucial said in Drivers Licence Expiring During Lockdown!:

    Do you peasants drive yourself or something?

    Funnily enough, we haven't been for the first 2 months of 2020 - and have hated it! Bali roads, licenses, insurance etc, all leads to expats renting a car + driver. And it's kinda fun for a week, and kinda crap after that!

    Can't put a price on independence.